Monday, March 5, 2012

Light as a feather

hey guys
I know i havent blogged in a while
but I'm still surviving
just didnt really feel
like it with my friends
death and what not

id like to thank
u all for being
there for me
it really

sooo today
i got up at
5 30
went to the gym
burned 150 cals
i reallize thats
not much but
it still counts
and now im just getting
ready for school

march 20th I'm
trying to get
to 128ish

to do that
im gonna be
eating fruit and
veggies for a while

acception of yogurt.

wish me luck

you know who i am addicted to latly?
Felice fawn!
my friend got me hooked

heres some thinspo for you guys ;]
incase you dont know who she is
haha, love you all
stay strong <3

* Update:
heyyy sooo with the fruit veggie & yogurt thing I've decided to do it till i get to 128ish. maybe i will be 128 before my birthday! soo excited for RPM at the gym tomorrow! can burn off 600 cals! doubt ill do that much. least ill burn 400 ;] tomorrow that is. wish me luck!

btw, can u tell
i love spirit hoods <3

1 comment:

  1. GOOD LUCK!!! You got this. I want one of these hoods, but my retarded head is SO huge that I just look like this big headed weirdo. Fail. Xo