Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dance with me ana?

morning everyone
soo 139.6 this morning
thats alright i guess...
need to work my ass
off today to insure
that im 138 tomorrow
so then i can get down
to 135 for saturday

maybe even less!
we shall weight and see.

soo today is the visitatoin for my friend who died...
I dont want to go
becuase i dont
want to hear
ppl talking
and i
dont want
to have to watch
everyone cry... cuz u know
i would.

cant i pray for him in my heart?
isnt that good enough?
I dont want to seem
disrespectful tho.
I'dk everythings
messed up...

soo i cleaned up
all my thinspo pics
i used to only have
on album with 500 pics
gradualy deleted some
down to 300

so i ended up
making 4 albums in one
bones, arms/legs, body, and quotes
40 images in each. soo 160 in total.
nice and neet :] you know ill
add more. what else
would i do?

haha not likely.
i do need to eat something
b4 i work out. wouldent
want to damadge
my body any
more then
i have

If I'm 138 tomorrow
you dont know how happy I will be.
to be honest...
on the 16th i weighed 144.5
today is the 19th and im 139.6

3 days i dropped 4.9lbs!
thats almost 5lbs!
So if i was
thats 6.5lbs in 4 days.

i need to be 138 tomorrow
I think I'll have one of my
low cal smoothies.
then workout.
maybe add
in some
cuz its easyer to burn fat with more muscle.

wish i had pinapple...
thats the lowest cal
i have bluberries.
and they clean
ur system
so maybe ill do that
blueberrie banana maybe?

that would be 85..
plus the protein
would bee

thats so much tho...

but then I can work out.
alot... and have tea
after? boost my

I guess.
Think I'll dance!
to burn it all! i burn at least 300cals dancing! :]

hope ur all doing well
and thanks for being there
for me when my friend died..
it means alot.

i know i seem okay
but im really hurting...
hes in a better place... maybe?


Thin or not: It sucks alot... but thanks for your support! I really do miss him... Hope you never have to go through this darling. 

Emma Pheonix: Thanks so much! Its hard, and I had nightmares last night... but I know hes in a better place. I will never forget that boy <3 Id hug you right now if I could!

Time for dance thinspo!

Bones are white and pure...
I want my bones to show


  1. I'm sorry about your friend, I hope you'll be okay with it and that it doesn't affect you too bad.
    Love the last picture :) xx

  2. Once the visitation is over you can grieve in your own way, I find that's always best, being in a room full of people talking about the person who is gone always feels so strange. I really hope you have a good day despite the visitation <3