Thursday, March 8, 2012

If I disappeared...

would anyone care enough to find me?

so.. no sleep.
i was supposed to
go to the gym this morning
at 5 20 my alarm
went off


I cut last night
I tryed to quit
4 years ago..

that didnt work

my thumbs a mess...
so difficult to text

my knee isnt a pretty sight either

you know
i was ready
to grab the blade
slit my wrists so i could
blead myself to death...

i wanted to

but i didnt.
texted my friend
she gets it, unlike everyone else

she gets it.

well the bf
was nowhere to be found
when i was crying?

he ignored me
made me feel like
he wanted me to off myself

he says he loves me
and will be there for me
but he never is... maybe i am
better off dead.

no food today
not tomorrow

maybe if i stop eating
i will shrink enough
that i will disappear
maybe thats what
i want... need?

if i disappeared, would anyone care?

Fat piggy: lol im sure your heads not that big hun. and sadly i feel like my luck is running out.

more felice,
i want that owl tattoo

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