Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Scared, Day 1 to none.

you know i dont wana eat till i reach 133
im scared to get on the scale... im scared
to see 140 again, i dont wana see it
i wana see me shrink no grow
im scared to leave my room
cuz i feel like ill eat
and if i do

how am i supposed to be strong?
how am i supposed to fast
like i did b4? what
changed that
now its so

i dont wana be fat
but im soo hungry
why am i hungry
i ate too much
today i

i wana fast till i see 133
i need to! :[
i need to be 125 or less
for vday... 14 days
are you kidding me?

:( i need help
i need to stop
feeling hungry

maybe ill make a smoothie
no milk, just fruit and ice
and this seed
thats supposed to make u feel full

under 100 cals..
but thats not fasting...
thats not good enough
:[ i wana go to the gym
have no way of getting there...
gonna take some pills...

sorry if i upset any of you
im just going nuts...
i need control
why did
i ever

hope ur all doing well...


piplupluv: i remember, smoothies sound good, their filling and everything. im happy you checked out my blog! hehe glad to hear you like it. hope ur doing well love. hope to talk to you soon!


  1. Everyone has these kind of days ._. But we need to stay strong and look at what we've already achieved.
    Hopefully you will be less depressed today.

  2. aww i know i was feeling like that earlier today too! ur so strong already, ull be ok dear! And its only natural that ur hungry so if u want to make a smoothie to help u curb the hunger i think theres nothing wrong with that! it wud still be fasting because ur not eating anything. Or maybe drink tea/coffee...& u cud always workout at home if u cnt go to the gym:) Stay strong<33333