Sunday, February 5, 2012

I can, & I will

kay so
i get it
i keep doing
this to myself
and im the only
on who has control
over what i do
what i eat
how i

deal with things

today i am
starting a liquid
Mikey wont stop me
my fam wont stop me
the only persone who will
stop me is me!

unlucky me
i have to
go out
for my grams
birthday, fml

its a bbq place to
soo im going to reasearch
the most low cal meal ever
no carbs at all

maybe ill just have a salad
but they will ask and force
things on me... hope
the cake is chocolate
since im allergic
and wont have

least i can fast till then
liquids, so smoothies and what not are great!
any low cal drinks or no cal drinks
i should know about? haha


well I have realized
maybe i will be 130
for valentines day...
not 125... unlucky me

but i did this to myself
so its my own fault
been watching
b4 n after
i want
to be

i will be like that
i will be skinny!
i will be perfect

ill update my weight
on vday ;]

why is this vid soo entertaining?

soo hope ur all doing amazing!
i love you guys
and i love
i have your
love and support :]

but i hate failing you...
this time i wont
i promise

Iceteajunkie: I'm better now, specialy since i keep hitting rockbottom. Every time i hit, i get the strength to get back up :]
Stillimagining: Deffinatly, and if i make smoothies they will be under 100cals still. thanks so much for the love and support darling. and the tips. hope your doing alright! 

stay beautiful ;]


  1. Love and support flower! Good luck with the liquid fast :) Won't you maybe think of putting your smoothie recipes up, because the onlly ones I know are super high in cals. Xo

  2. ohmygosh wow u ARE so lucky that ur allergic to chocolate! So many evils avoided!!! Good luck on the liquid fast hun! I know ull do AMAZING! and for drinks I wud recommend unsweetened almond milk at like 40 cals per cup, & add in some 0 cal sweetener or cinammon etc. Green tea boosts ur metabolism by 4% for a couple hrs and oolong tea by 10% for 1 1/2 hr! Here's a site for some super delicious & sort of local drinks:

    Stay strong<3

  3. Good luck with the liquid fast! Stay strong. You can do it! As for drinks, flavored teas are great. You can add a no/low cal sweetener if you want.