Monday, January 30, 2012

Exam time!

kay soo this weekend was a mess
didnt get to fast cuz of my dad
and since i realized he
wasnt going to let
me fast i ended
up binging
like no

anyways today I'm starting
something like a fast
with the acception
of fruit and veggies
so my rents will
leave me alone

went to the gym yesterday
was soo much fun!
gonna go tonight tooo! :]

yoga class!
too bad
i feel soo
over bloated
from yesterday
bla, and I'm coming
home at lunch, after my
morning exam
soo ill work
on projects
and clean my room
to avoid any contact with food

im sorry if you guys disprove of my
style of writing in my blogs
im just so used to it
that i cant really
help myself

i really need to go to
the mall to buy
my bf's Vday
gift! need
to be 125
for vday

soo i am going to do this fast till i hit 133
then im switching to a protein drink
cleanse thing to get to 125.
wish me luck!

i love you all <3
stay strong


Emma Pheonix: thanks hun! I'm going to do everything possible to get there! last time i was in the 120's was wayyy back in grade 6. now im in grade 12... yikes

Still Imagining: I'm glad you like it! :] I thought it would be nice for a change. and yoga tonight will help with the exam stress, tomorrow is my last one! cant wait to be 125!

Bella: Thanks  so much for the support, and i will most deffinatly have to check out the youtube channel! Ana songs always motivate me! hehe

Edit... -_-
i hate myself atm, i hate today, i hate yesterday, i hate when i binge. when i eat, i dont stop. i never stop. I wont eat tomorrow, not till 133. i will not eat. not when mikey asks, not when my rents ask, i just wont. why? cuz im determined to be skinny.

tattoos only look good on skinny girls
114 tattoo <3

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  1. Hey, we talked on a chat site before about smoothies, and you posted a link so I thought I'd check it out. Good job on the site and I like your pictures. Keep up the work! Don't worry, you'll reach your goal in no time.(: