Wednesday, February 15, 2012

cold hands, warm heart

10 days since my last blog
back really hurts
i have been typing
on this small lil lapytop
for hrs planing
out how
to drop weight fast

hoping on 135 by the 25th
when i get there
i will let you know
i have a photoshoot on the 25th
so 135 or under ill be pleased

gonna try and get to 120 by the 17th of march

gonna be hard but i want this
i need this

soo addicted to this
starting a shake thing tomorrow
was supposed to today
but binged and purged that out of the question
rents are gone till sunday

so ill be safe
need to go clean my room now
and work out later maybe

love you all!
stay strong!

fat piggy: ill make a page with all my recepie's soon darling. use frozen fruit btw. makes the smoothie thicker! so no need for milk ;]
still imagining: i loveeeee almond milk! and being alergic to chocolate sometimes sucks but for the most its awesome ;] lol. and thanks for the link to the site! ima have to check it out soon ;]
Kes: i havent heard from you in forever! hope ur doing well! ;] and love teas <3 

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