Friday, January 27, 2012


sorry ive been gone for a while
anyways, plan on being 125
for valentines day... if my
plan goes well n what
not. sooo fasting

should get me to 135
then the rest ill let
you know when
i get there ;]

exams are killing me!
stressed like maddd
anyways idk what
ima do for
the rest
of my

maybe play some vids
watch some tv, blog
do hmwk i failed
to do b4 haha
wish me luck?

hope somene reads this
think im losiing it!

any pro ana mia songs out there you guys know about? hit me up! lol

i love you all!
stay strong

will it every be good enough?


  1. 125 on V day! You're gonna look great. Good luck getting there :)

  2. LOVE the new design & thinspo! Ur blog is always so pretty!!! Good luck on the fast girl! You can do this! Go and ace those exams, but rly it'll be ok, once their over, they'll be over:) Try not to be too stressed, stay strong<3

  3. You are so gonna reach your goal! You can totally do it!
    About the songs, there's this wonderful Youtube channel called anamiamusic. Almost every AD song I'v ever heard is on that channel, along with lyrics. You should check it out!
    Stay strong! <3