Tuesday, January 24, 2012

do it better makes us stronger.

song is on the radio
amazing thing to wake me up

so I've decided to update my weight
friday instead of today everyday
 hoping on being 135 by then
soo today i feel kind gross
bloated bleck... no late
night eating. or just
not eating in general

today Im not eating
cuz tomorrow im seeing
the boyfriend and you now
how he is. I told him I might
do a protein drink thingy
may have mentioned that b4
yeah i know i did... guess ill
just have one of the protein
drinks around him tomorrow
so he doesent make me eat

I think that thurs and friday
i'll still stay away from food
I'll do the actual protein
drink starting Saturday.
or monday.. depends how i feel.

went to the gym yesterday
maybe I'll go today... if its
not raining haha. or
I'll just go on a walk
depends how i feel..

to be honest
I've realized lately
how many highschool
girls suffer from an ED...

its kinda heart breaking
If your a highschool or collage girl readoing this
let me know! One of my friends is in and out
of the hospital cuz of it... I'm far from being 80lbs!

wouldent it be nice to wake up
thin, beautiful, perfect weight
long hair, porclain skin...

i want that
for us <3

stay strong!

Stop trying and just do

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