Thursday, January 19, 2012

Never give in, Never give up (day 6)

Just 2 more days!
2! yesterday was..
ugh gramparents
came over, my grama
commented on how
sick i look and took
my temp and she
said i was much
too hot.. so she
made me have
salad and salmon...
then later she made
me have chilli...

i purged most of
it. soo im still 140

was scared id be
more.. still need
to get to 139 by

wish me luck!
have soo much stuff going on tho
exams start next week and im freaking
out... ugh just wana sleep forever <3

sat&sun when im coming off the
fast i will still restrict. Everything
has to be under 500 cals. Most
days I proly wont eat anyways

i need to be 120 b4 Valentines day
i need to be 114 (or under) for March break...

wish me luck!
thats alot to lose...
26lbs to be exact
Around 60 days.

Gonna be hard but I hope I can do this <3
Hope ur all having a good time
where ever you are...
wish i wasnt
alone in

love you guys

still need to clean up my thinspo
together we can float away

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  1. You are not alone in this. If you ever need extra support just shoot me an email. I know you can reach your goal <3