Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Confused much? (day 5)

soo last night i had soup
along with celery n a
carrot... due to the
fact that my bf
changed his
mind and


but today i am 140
i know i said i wouldent
weigh myself but it just
happens... and thats odd..

usualy my weight goes up 3lbs
on my lady days... weird
so i am confused
but i should
be happy

when will i be back in the 130's???
tomorrow I hope!
going to the gym tonight.
yoga class.
soo tired

hit the snooz button 3 times
soo 30mins of snoozing
i have to go tho...
i leave at
8am for
school and
its 7:37 right now
Rather stay home then
ever leave... hate school bla

hope ur all doing great
I miss you guys!

S: I'm trying to not eat anything that has animal products. Its hard, but this fast is also supposed to cleanse my system. too bad i cant even have caffine! lol Sunday im done tho :] still gonna restrict. thanks for the info tho <3 really helps for when im done. Stay strong beautiful!

cleaning up my thinspo tonight <3
I promise I'll be perfect

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