Friday, January 20, 2012

Mr Winter makes it soo hard to breath. (Day 7)

yesterday i will be honest
i cheated...
1 bowl chili
1 bowl cereal
1 bowl salad...

i purged every last bit
for once mia is finally
working for me!

I still
wish i
had never
started eating
that crap..
its all


still need to
check my weight

soo cold atm! i hate
it, was hoping for
a snow day 2day
oh wouldent it
be nice <3

guess my body held onto the cals
ugh... tonight I'm going to do
Zumba along with some
yoga after. I need
to be under
140 tomorrow
im soo done with
this stupid number its
driving me up the wall... i
honestly hate this ugh. why did
i stop at 130 only to regain
it all again... that
was stupid
this time
i wont
give up..

heres some thinspo
kinda upset cuz of my
weight... :[
miss you all!

stay strong

ps:today/tomorrow im fasting

Emma Phoenix: I'll be sure to check out ur blog soon. hopefuly I get a chance today. Thanks for the support <3 it means alot to me. truly. 

cleaned up my thinspo last night
had over 500 pics
back down to
300 lol

getting new pics as we speak ;]

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