Saturday, January 21, 2012

I want to walk in the snow & not leave a footprint

"I want to walk in the snow
and not soil its purity"

title and quote from this song
Manic street preachers - 4st 7lb

its an amazing song
i love it... you all could
proly see why due to
the relation of ana

soo :]
good news!

but bad news

yes im happy i went from
140 one day down to
138.5 but like i had
to lose it all over
again.. this time

i wont regain
this time
ill get to my goal
this time
ill make you proud
this time
ill be perfect

hope ur all doing well
PS: I always reply to ur comments
in my posts. Just easier for me

hope ur guys weekends go great!
love you all <3 :]

111 here I come <3
stay strong


  1. 138.5! That's so much progress since your last post. Way to go! Keep it up and you'll look like the gorgeous girls in the pics you posted.

  2. CONGRATS!!! Sigh if only I could get under 140 as well T_T im like plateauing here... yea i know how much it sux having to relose all the weight again, but hey at least ur getting there! stay strong<3 and the thinspo is gorgeous!!!