Monday, January 23, 2012

morning guys!
I'll update my weight
tomorrow due to the fact
that my bf and i hung
out saturday and
sunday so

the counts proly up
I know I'm still in the 130's
witch is good hehe

soo today I'll be living off gum
maybe some veggies
and water

this week I will be thin
hoping on seeing 130 by friday

exams this week... fml
not looking forward to it :[ at all
bleck... so how is everyone?
I will check out ur blogs after school!

have to go finish getting ready for school
stay strong everyone

Emma Pheonix: hope you liked the images, and I can't wait to look like that <3 can't wait to get under 130 too! haha

Stillimagining: I'm sure you will get under 140 in no time darling :] I know how it feels to plateau, just do something different to help you get under. Glad you liked the thinspo. Stay strong darling :]

Can't wait to be skinny

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