Monday, January 16, 2012

Just got a little more excited (Day 3)

Kay soooo
yesterday i was 144
when i stepped on the
scale this morning i saw

even tho i had 300/400 cals
i still lost over a lb
on saturday i was
145.4 gross i know
and now im already down to 142.8!

can't wait to get back into the 130's
then 120's and skink a dink!

hope someone out there
is doing this fast/cleans
too. my friends doing
it with me, and i finally
got my boyfriend on
board! woot!

told him it was for health reasones
but he was saying how it worries
him im not eating, so i said id
eat veggies... kinda a lie...

celery is negative cals
so i should be fine with
eating that around him

how is everyone???
I miss you guys!

stillimagining: and ur right, i guess its not too much. plus now i know i can have a smoothie n not gain weight. or not have a smoothie and drop more weight. Thanks soo much for the support! It really makes me feel like someone cares :] hope your doing well love, stay strong <3

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