Sunday, January 15, 2012


Hey everyone
day one was perfect
i only had 8 glasses of water
and a sip of some asian juice

day two wasnt soo glorious...
sipping on tea atm trying to
calm my nerves.. brothers
blasting his music witch
isnt helping...

soo boyfriends today
i thought i could avoid it
apparently not..

300-400 cals

1 egg, 80
smidge of ketchup 10
soup 150
other soup 100
carrots.. idk

i feel like such a failure
i puked some of the first
soup up... at his house...
o.o i dont like doiing it
at other ppls houses..

its uncomfortable for me
im scared they will hear
and judge me... he knew
i did... i said i was sick...

cuz im always sick
so its a full proof
thing to say i guess

i worked off the cals
so i should be okay right?

tomorrows a new day
ana will help me <3

mia helped today
im surprised there working together for once haha usually they sabotage eachother, not this time :]

hope everyone is doing well!
wish i was getting more replies
I'm going to blog every day this cleanse!
just 5 days to go :]

wish me luck!

Fat piggy: you should try it! its not that bad i found! unless you have a boyfriend who forces food down ur throat...

gotta love winter fashion!

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  1. its great to hear day 1 was so great! and really 300/400 cals is nothing! and even if there is weight gain it would have been water weight! trust me ull be ok hun! much love & stay strong<3