Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Give it away now! (Day 4)

is my scale broken
did i really drop that
much? I had some soup
yesterday too... i still feel
fat... and bloated. guess its
cuz of my lady days... um
I should be happy that
i droped that much

be positive

curled my hair
kinda... too short to curl but its
poofy n bouncy

anyways, today
my boyfriends coming over

he gets to eat big fat bowls of chili in front of me. gushing with flavours... n i get soup... no chicken just veggie soup. oh well, it feels good to have control :]

when i come off this fast think im just gonna stick to soup and veggies! Be healthyish. Drop down to 125. that would be nice, anything in the 120's id be happy with.

but im thinking too far
ahead. need to pace
myself. no regain
no bounce back
wish me luck!
is anyone
out there?
or am i all alone
again, guess its my
own fault for not blogging
religiously. i am now due to the fast

hope u all have amazing days!
I love you! soo much <3

Rhianna: thanks babes for the support. I'm trying <3

I will be skinny
She's calling me

1 comment:

  1. keep it up :)
    maybe try homemade chicken soup/broth made with just a stock cube? quite high in salt but you can get reduced sodium ones.
    or slim-a-soup - nom nom