Wednesday, December 14, 2011

where oh where have you gone?

I'm drowning in depression
im sinking in sadness
im axfiating on my own air...

no i cant spell
im so tired lately
i dont have the
strenght to go
to school n im
still fat... i was
under 1000 cals

800ish i think
so i shouldent
be bloated, but
i am. so idk what
i weigh, n i know
my lady days are
going to be statring
soon... witch sucks

i want to appoligize
to the ppl who read
my blog, for being soo
down in the dumps...

but no ones responding...
guess maybe thats cuz i
kept leaving you guys
and for that i am sorry...

wont u forgive me?

ana.. save me.
mia? Leave me alone...

enjoy the thinspo

1 comment:

  1. aww hope u feel better soon, it'll be better when ur period is over:) and <3 the thinspo! ur blog is always so pretty:)