Friday, December 16, 2011

let me go back to an alternate slumber

really sick
was going
to have a few
ppl over tonight
but soo not down

n im still depressed
guess that just comes
with being me.. haha oh

soo gonna take a nap after
school, right when i get home
maybe ill feel better? i hope

today is the day where i
stop eating, beacuse i
have finaly come to

the realization of
late night binges
make me sick

n mia
is nowhere
to be

so i will rest my head on ana
to lead the way to perfection

no food today, no food tomorrow
sunday i will act like im sick (wont
be too hard, ill pro still be sick)
so my bf doesent shove food
down my throat

need  to be under 133 for xmas
id like to be 128... but i dont
think thats possible at my state

i want to be so thin
i have to be hospitalized...
is that sick? im sick... i need help

cant wait to hit 114 <3
111... shink a dink

stillimagining: im glad you like it <3 :] makes me happy to know that you guys enjoy it. what little followers i have left <3 hope ur doing great doll! much love

lets test the rest of the world
lets see who will fall first
stay strong <3

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