Monday, December 19, 2011

Still sick... 60 to drop 30

mmmkay so I'm still sick
it really kinda sucks...
a lot. but i still have
to go to school..
that sucks too!
i guess ill live
dont really
have a

behind in all my school work
idk how or if i will ever catch up
its unlikely... but we shall see
i guess... maybe

was xmas
for me n
my bf,
well for
me that
is, he
gave me
all my

it was nice.
hes sweet really
knows wat i like.

i love him...
i scare him

like when i told him i want
to be bones... its not a lie..

99lbs is what id like to be
but maybe 110 is enough
i know its not... 1 lb underweight?

i think im like 140 now...
i hate it. giving myself
58 days to drop 29 lbs

calling its the 60 to drop 30
well i suppose i should go
this week im on a liquid diet
with the acception of veggies

only till friday
5 days.

hope ur all doing well
i miss your comments...

stay strong.

1 comment:

  1. <3
    we're here for you.
    60 days to 30
    and 60 days to salvation.
    you can do this, love.

    -Sam Lupin