Sunday, December 11, 2011

read? Quick xMas fix!

sooo today I am starting a new
no more snacks and treats.
Going to be really strict. Get my
control back in action really

if anyone would like to join
just comment in the section below

So its kinda like a cleanse/fast
you can do either really.

My Plan

B- WLShake
S- Tea
L- WLShake
S- Tea
D- WLShake

Can have as much
water or tea you want!
but the weight loss shakes
im drinking have cals still
soo only 3 maximum daily

hope to be 128 for the 25th
Sadly thats alot of weight
to lose... but If I try my
hardest, maybe I can
do it :]

love your guys love and support <3

Winterwonderland <3

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