Monday, December 12, 2011

I feel Awful

so yesterday I ate
sadly but its all cuz
of my boyfriend.

i wasnt feeling well
he said its cuz i dont
eat enough. soo to
make him shut up i had

1 drum stick of a turkey...
that I couldent even finsih
due to how ill i felt sooo
then I had 1/2 a bowl of
soup. Still I feel no better
today and I have school

I just wana stay home
in my warm n cozy bed

no interruptions.
idk why im so
sick atm, it kinda
sucks.. alot!

I'll have weight updates sometime this week
stay posted! & Stay srong! today im trying my cleanse/fast
if i can get one of the drinks down my throat that is...

ill prolly have an orange or grapefruit too, need some vitamins.

I dont care if I'm sick
As long as I'm getting thinner 

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