Friday, December 9, 2011

:[ how far gone

im so far gone
how long till this
depression weakens
n leaves me be

how long till i dont
deprive myself of sleep

how long till i can find myself
rekindel what is broken...

ive lost my mind you guys
n i cant seem to find it
i feel like ive over pushed
i hate myself
i hate life
why cant i start over...

maybe a skinny me would be happy
ill always suffer from this disease...

why bother fixing the broken when you can start a new?

starve myself skinny


  1. Fight through it petal. It will be worth it. And starting over, you lose the lessons learned. Life definitely is no picnic, but you can do this. :) Xo

  2. :]ur soo sweet!
    and I'll do my best <3
    thanks so much for the support