Friday, October 14, 2011

stress? Pre much...

hey you guys,
sorry I've been gone soo long
soo stressed lately... Im not
going to post my weight..

I know its around138
repulsive I know...
Need to be 125 on the
28th... least under 128

i need to stop sabotaging myself
i need to make what others do or
eat no effect me. Mia has been helping
just not helping the tear... so what
if it burns, not like im skinny
so what if i taste blood
I'm still not thin enough... 138
is not fucking skinny
130 still isnt good enough
125? no! 114, 111, yes.

Well sorry for the short blog
I'll try and update more... SGD
today. & no carbs till I'm 129

yeah now ur thinking
youve said that b4 heather
and I say yes, but this time
its the only way out of this
stress feast...

ill post thinspo tonight hopefuly

love you all <3

1 comment:

  1. You can do it Heather!! SGD will help you get there! :D