Sunday, October 16, 2011

SGD #2, troubles?

soo as you all know
the other day I was
around 138... beck!
gross I know, but

due to 1 day
of the SGD
I'm back
down to
134.3 :) yup

I am happy with these
results, but I want to
be under 130 this week!

300 cals today
might be difficult
Boyfriend, movies
>.< soo not fair...
n he knows I do

I binge i purge i starve
he knows all about it...

he hates it
cuz he cares
why do boys
have to be so
caring... not fair

anyways hope u all are doing well
<3 I miss blogging... follow me? haha

in a world of skinny
who would want to be fat?
we are stronger than this

1 comment:

  1. beautiful thinspo! and you'll get there girly. just try to eat as little as possible around your boyfriend, that's what i do and he never really says anything (apart from the occasional "you eat like, nothing".) also, i miss your blogging!!! keep up the posts,i love reading them :)