Monday, October 17, 2011

SGD #3. Sick again?

400 cals today
but I am giong
to try and stay
under 300 due
to yesterday..

dont want to weigh myself
because of yesterday but
i probably will anyways, i
may go to the gym after
school, depends how cold
it is, and if I have enough
energy, really overly tired

im always tired lately...
i need more sleep, ha
said the insomniac...
my hairs doing this
stupid flippy thing...

cut my thumb.
I'm falling behind
in all my classes...
I'm stressed... this
weekend wasnt a
long enough break

skinnylilme: I get that alot from him haha, and thanks, I spend alot of time looking at thinspo <3  glad someone missed me :) hehe good to hear from you darling

I'm weak n tired,
I wont rest till the job is done

good luck lovies

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