Saturday, October 22, 2011

21 days challange

go 21 days with
giving someting
up, in my case

no carbs
no binge
be healthy

anyone else want to join?
im starting today due to
ppl influencing me to eat

im no longer using
them as an excuse..
what i do is my own
choice. sgd got messed

im fasting today and tomorrow
then during the week only veggies
and fruits and SGD soo today is day
8 i think, but no cals for me... im on
my lady days and i always gain like
madd! i have thinspo on my phone
to keep me motivated. :)
need to be under 130 for friday

wish me luck
going blonde weds...
scared... really.

but excited!

piggy: haha oh yea totaly cant wait, and thanks soo much for all the support you have givin me. <3 :) ill try and check out ur blog more often!
skinnylilme: im soo bloated n my cravings always get the best of me! soo not fair... stay strong! good luck with the fast!

I'll be perfect one day...

1 comment:

  1. with you. 21 days of no binging. and 70% of those days (14 days) have to be made up of fasts! ;) jumping in with you, love!

    -Sam Lupin