Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SGD #5... smile plz

soo I dont wana
talk about yesterday
binge... why? idk
i could just blame
it on the fact that
my lady days are
around the cornner
or on my stress

but honestly
I guess I\m
weak... failure.

Idk how much I am atm
need to see 129 or less
by sunday, need to...

dont binge for 21
days. done eat carbs
for 21 days. be healthy
for 21 days... lets do this

21 days


  1. Fucking lady days, I wonder how much you have to lose before the lady days stop entirely. I CAN't WAIT till then. Keep strong! Xo

  2. OMG tell me about the lady days, i've been fasting while pms-ing and so i'm not losing very fast (bloat) and i'm CRAVING everything. They suck. anyways, i really beleive that you can do this! I'm fasting until halloween, but i'll try to do the 21 day thing too! we can keep each other strong <3