Monday, December 5, 2011

KISS ...I fucked up big time.


soo... i fucked up
you all realized that by now
from my lack of blogging...
no 21 day challange... i just
idk... why does this keep happening

i go from being strong
going 3-5 days of just
liquids and then i crash

mia came knocking at my door yesterday
too much stress... she calmed me...
guess its better than cutting again
sept the tear in my throat...

at my checkup i didnt tell my doc
who knows, maybe it will heal on
its own... maybe. I'm just so tired

i wana wake up n read skinny
im so tired of ppl telling me oh
ur fine, u look thin, no..
i suck in... cloths can cover
the uglyness of my fat... my boobs
perked up and dont fit into my bras
... too fucking big.

first place where i gain,
first place i lose... 135
or under for xmas... if
thats even possible...

ill update you all on my weight when i hit135
i just cant say what i am cuz i dont want to
have failed you all... i have n im sorry...

im tired,
keep hearing a smokers cough echoing
throughout the walls of this broken house...
what will save us
when will we be happy
when can i just live...

not my best thinspo...
i wonder what normal ppl would think if they knew my hobbies included looking at thinspo...

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