Friday, September 30, 2011

Think i broke a rib

was working out yesterday
on this ting called the abb
circle... and i slipped off
wacked my knee on the
cement floor (my knee is
now black) and then my
rib got caught on something

i know its not broken
but it hurts to breath
and cough since im
STILL sick... this sucks

weigh in is today
and honestly I'm
terrified... the scale
at the gym is 100%
acurate! so idk if
i'm 133 or 134 or
idk im freaking out

well... i drank 3 zilch jones soda
no cals... lmfao not the best thing
tho... was soo good tho! I do have
an addiction to diet pop... its kinda
bad... but better than real pop, 160
cals, or 0? hmmm I'll go with 0! haha

so anyways I'll update my weight
after the gym. still scared... :(

hope everyones doing great!


Kes: support makes it alot easier. plus my rents are leaving tomorrow and I tend to eat less when I have the home to myself. :)

Run: the truth is soo easy to morph, kinda makes me happy haha. thanks for the support love

Pre Essere Slanciata: Wording really is everything, hehe good to hear you have his support! Thanks

I'd rather be skinny than fat
we will get there

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow. That sounds like a nasty accident. =/ I hope you're doing okay.

    I'm addicted to diet soda, too. lol Diet soda, coffee, and green tea. My favorite drinks. ^_^

    Good luck on your weigh in!