Thursday, September 29, 2011

Run to the finish FAST

yesterday was horrible
but now im pumpped to
fast! tea tea tea to clean
this body. Gosh I can't
wait, doing this till I see

my mom thinks I'm just doing a cleanse
thankfully hahaha, anyways I'm excited
still sick, its been over 2 weeks now! bla

anyways no food till
i see 129.9 or less! :]
SGD starts on Saturday
but those cals will wait

boyfriend said he
will support the
things I do but he
will not support me
starving myself so
I see him Sunday
N he has to support
this 'cleanse' (FAST)

sometimes you just need to
use the right words to trick
people into thinking your
okay. I'll never be okay...

anyways hope ur all doing well
i love you guys soo much


Kes: I'm soo excited about my fast and my weigh in at the gym is tomorrow. trying to be under 133 for it.

StickThin: I love the ggym too! n i know exactly what you mean about the voices. not so fun.

I'd rather be skinny than fat


  1. Good luck! I'm glad you have people supporting you. That should make things easier.

  2. Good luck! :)
    You do sometimes need to spin the truth to get people to be more supportive. What they don't fully know will never harm them..

  3. Hahahaha! I love that. I told my boyfriend the other day that I was detoxing. =D Wording is Everything.

    Good luck! =)