Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sushi Saturday...

So yes it sucks that today I actually
have to eat... I was doing soo well!
135 today. my one scale was being
dumb and kept changing the numbers
so i used the wii, witch said 133, but
I know I'm not 133, cuz I know what
i look like at all my weights. So I am 135
witch is okay, just 5lbs to go b4 the 30th!

October 1st I'm starting the SGD
But it sucks that thanksgiving is
this month, oh how to avoid the
food. I'll cleanse most of this week
Monday - Friday I want to fast
but my rents are coming home
Monday so I cant really make any
promises... cleansing is just as good

I'm amazed that I fasted for
2 days straight... well bf is
coming tomorrow... made
some stir-fry and soup last
night due to boredom and i
enjoy knowing what goes
into my food if I have to
eat it. Gonna stay under
500 today and tomorrow..

sorry if my post's have been depressing lately, still trying to get happy. I'll be happy when I'm skinny. Btw! when I get to 130 I'll be taking tummy pics! ;]
no thighs tho... cuz there huge. bla.


Behind the fat: I enjoyed reading your blog and Yeah I'm from Canada lol, aww wish you didnt move haha, still its a small world. I love seeing that are stats are alike too, makes me feel not so alone lol. stay strong darling

Bella: Good luck with your fast and SGD, so excited to start on the 1st. Finally got my internet back up! haha and gotta love making money when doing nothing lool. well thanks for the support love, keep strong

Piggy: i love sashimiiii how could i forget??? lol and I hope I dont get sick, I'm having tea and water and a health shake so hopefully that makes it okay. Don't wana get sick, I'm still recovering from being ill. love ya x0x

Update: Kay sooo; I love sushi... had lots of sashimi, and sushi, and everything. tryed to ease up on the rice. soo much wasabi! wanted to see if it would make me less sick. and its supposed to be good for your metabolism. the only isue is that i over ate, everything. ugh proly like 1000 cals, i didnt count. ppl were distracting me. well not weighing myself tomorrow. prolly most accurate weight will be on tuseday, due to my lady day's. now i have an excuse to feed the boyfriend tomorrow for not eating. :] hehe

I have abs, their just covered by this ugly thing called fat.
<3 skinny here i come

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  1. Oh Wow! I almost was like Thanksgiving isn't until the 24th of November! but I just realized you live in Canada! It is right around the corner. I didn't know until just now that you guys have a different Thanksgiving date then us in the US.

    I'm glad you had a good time eating sushi. =)

    Good luck with Thanksgiving.