Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sick Sunday's

ugh, my nose makes it
hard for me to breath..
and my throat is killing
this really sucks. my
tummy keeps gurgling
probably still trying to

digest all that Sushi... Wish I
purged it. but my grama was
here, and she watches like a
hawk. Boy friends bringing
me pills today, for my nose

since everything I have is for your
throat. Keep coughing.. soo tired
but i cant sleep. Have alot of hmwk
I need to do b4 tomorrow. Least I
dont have to eat much today   :]

Ill just say I'm not feeling
well from the sushi, hehe
I'm sure I can pull it off :]
hoping to see 133 Tuesday
then 130 or less Friday kinda
excited to see less then 130.

havent been in the 120's since grade 6!
Well wish me luck, hope everyone is doing
well. I'll update how my day went later.
love you all, byes.


Per Essere Slanciata: wish i didnt eat soo much sushi but i did have a good time with everyone. old and new friends. and yeah thanksgiving is sometime in October for us. Can't remember when lmfaoo. Cant wait for the SGD on october 1st! hope ur doing well

PS: i responded to alot of peoples comments on the last post

one day i wont be ashamed of myself
when im skinny


  1. aww i'm sorry you don't feel good, and i'm sorry i haven't commented in so long! my computer wasn't working. I hope that you feel better soon <3

  2. Everybody seems to be sick lately. I've got the exact same thing.
    I'm excited to get back into the 120's too. It's been too long since I have actually been in there.

    Feel better soon. xxx

  3. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. Wow, seems like you just get worse and worse. I'm sorry your in pain love :/

    Just stay strong, sounds like you're going somewhere! You will se the 120's soon, I promise. Stay strong :)