Friday, September 23, 2011

Fast day 2

if you were sitting in a room near
me you would be able to hear how
obnoxiously loud my tummy is lool

you'r right, I should eat something
nope! not till I see 133. and today
I saw 137... I realize I gain 3lbs
due to my lady day's so technically
I'm 134/135 but I dont care, 137
looks bad on me as it does on the
scale. anyways just a heads up!

might not be able to blog for a while
due to my internet is out. I'm bbysittin
atm witch is why I have internet access
havent eaten all day, wow 2 days in a
row, no food! :] Makes me feel good

but it sucks that I have to go for
sushi tomorrow... maybe I can
find some that doesent have rice
idk I'll figure it out.

had to lie to my boyfriend today
"what did you eat?"
'soup, veggies, the works' (Reality: 5 tea's, and water)
it shut him right up.
sucks hes coming to my house sunday
so idk if I can lie much then since he
will see all that I consume.
so sat and sunday i hope to stay under 500 cals.
then monday its back to tea tea tea watttter

make my tummy shut up
guess I'll sip on my coke
zero... that should be do
the trick. for now that is.

i love you all soo much
and all your support! your comments really make my day :]

Per Essere Slanciata: i love veggie rolls, but your right about the rice. i'll have to scope out other options on the menu

Bella: I'm still feeling really sick but getting better. had to take lots of meds. and usually i binge when im sick, not this time tho. i like it :] and i know he wants to help, but i need this. dont we all? lol

PS: my new weigh in is for the 30th! goal is to be 130 by then. or less.
hoping to fast monday-friday. or just cleanse.

when I'm skinny
I'll stop hating myself


  1. Hi! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Your from Canada? I was born there, but I live in the U.S now...

    We are like allmost the same height, except you are one inch taller :) And were about the same weights as well. I love finding new blogs that write so well, like yours and you have nice thinspo and we have almost the same stats! Score! (jk,lol).

    Well anyway hope your doing well on your fast, and stay strong! <3

  2. Congratulations on your succesfull fast! I've decided to fast for 2 days as well, then start SGD on monday :)

    It sucks about your internet :/
    But I'm glad you've got the oppertunity to post while babysitting!

    Just keep on going girl,
    you're doing great!
    Stay strong!

  3. Sashimi! It's basically just a slab of raw fish, but it's really nice with the soy sauce. :) 130 or bust :) Xo Xo

  4. Oh forgot to also mention, apparently it's really bad to eat raw fish on an empty stomach though because it has bacteria in it that can make you really sick. My bf told me this. Useless info, but ya. Xo Xo