Monday, September 26, 2011

Fasting? guess not...

due to the fact that my rents just
got back home last night i am being
forced to eat. I've managed to avoid
waffle's this morning but I had to have
cream of wheat. wouldent shut up till
i did. didnt finish it ttho... witch is good
I'll have tea soon, not going to eat
anything today unless i see a salad

i put in lots of cinomin
since its supposed to
rev up ur metabolism

I'm round 150 cals due to the cream of wheat
blaaa i dont want food! going to the gym
after school, even if I am sick... really sick
took 10 pills b4 breakfast... supposed to help
my emmune system but truthfuly i think there
doing more damadge than good. bf was fun
yesterday. under 1000 cals with him. he got
upset cuz he knows what I'm doing...

i'll update you all late


Bella: i do think im getting worse! haha but im trying hard to gett better, 8 hrs of sleep last night, finally. and i cant wait to see 120's! that is my motivation :] stay strong

Kes: thanks so much darling :) hope ur doing well

Run: soo many people i know are getting sick hope you get better soon, its not fun beinng sick. 120's here we come!

SkinnylilMe:  its okay darling, ur commenting now and that makes me happy! ill be sure to check ur blog out after school <3 thanks

Update: kay so, I am at 180 cals so far. Not going to the gym cuz I'm pre sure I'd end up passing out due to all the meds I'm on >.< plus I have alot of hmwk, I'm fer sure going to go tuesday-friday, and I I'll probably fast then too, but with the acception of negative cal veggies. wish me luck, weigh in on friday. 130 or less! I'll update my weight tomorrow, since I'll be done my lady days ;] wish me luck!

more thinspo 
less food

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  1. I didn't know cinnamon revved up your metabolism! I'm going to start sprinkling some on my toast in the morning I think. ^_^

    I'm sorry your fast didn't last as long as you'd like. Hope you have a better day tomorrow! =)