Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guess everyone is fasting hehe

mines a bit of a fast/cleanse
i allow negative cal foods
thats about it. haha but anyway
today I'm not eating, 133.6
was my weight. I wana be
130 for friday but if not then
at least 131. This is killing me

going to the gym after school
should be fun I guess. Going
to avoid all foods. My rents
bettter not be dicks like they
were yesterday.. well I have
to go to school... I'll update
and reply later.

might have to go
see youth care today
as well... my heads
just not right...
well thats all
for now

good luck & stay skinny

Update: I realize I should be happy I'm starting the SGD on Saturday but I'm not. Rents again... forced into wraps. I thought this was the one thing I was alowed to control... but now my parents are in the way of me getting what I want. I wont touch carbs when I'm on my SGD. I wont eat tomorrow or friday and I wont be a lazy fat ass any more. I'm so sick and tired of people getting in my way and sabotaging me. my mom, she always sabatoges me. she is taller and thinner than me. I'm done with being the bulky daughter. I'm done with being a fat ass. I'm done with being unhappy. I wont eat till I see 129.9. Thats a promise. Even when I'm on the SGD. Those cals can wait.

(Lights) valerie poxleitner has a BMI
under 18.5
I need to be thin


  1. Good luck with your fast/cleanse! Hopefully your parents won't bother you too much. And have fun at the gym!

  2. I love the gym. Right now I'm sick, and I have two different voices in my head. One telling me to go go go, the other telling me to give myself some rest.