Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I hate this... really

not eating at all till I get my shit into gear
today was just, growtesk. I can't stand to
look at myself, all i see and feel is fat, my
tummy is puffed, my face is puffed just
got my stupid lady day's today... and my
weigh in is right around the corner...

i dont wana see 136+ on my weigh in
... I was 138.9 last month... i got down
to 136 fast but then shit happend... n
now idk what i am... i wana be 130
120 115 fuck... :( friend got me rice
ccakes today... n thats when my non
stop 1200 cal binge started... i hate
me. its my fault. i need my control back

i wont eat till this is fixed.
when I see 133 then I can
eat. I'll weigh myself in the
morning. going to play wii
and clean my room to see
if I can burn off some of
this ugly thats weighing
me down. im sorry to all
my readers if im bringing
you down... i just hate this

Per Essere Slanciata: I'm not a fan of her either, but shes so thin! great figure to look up to. and the challange is fun when yyou have more people involved

Thinspo time
i think so, god i cant wait to be thin

wake up to ur face again with the morning sun
<3 skinny
ill do anything to get there

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