Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fasting 101

rules to fasting
dont eat...
simple enough?

low cal or no cal drinks
no real pop, no juice
water, tea, coffee.
get it yet?

have to go to school but today is
my first day of the fast and i know
its morning but im diong well.
and ill continue to not eat
133. then i can eat.
133 then i can breath.

i didnt sleep last night
i cryed  my eyes out
and my boyfriend is
worried. he thinks i
have some real low
selfesteem. witch is true.

but i still feel depressed... and im sick
cant breath! throats soar. blaaa fml

hope everyone else is fine
leave me a comment <3


  1. Drink green tea! =) I swear it helps suppress your appetite!

  2. Goooood luck! As dumb as it sounds, I find with fasting sometimes, my hormone and sugar levels go out of whack. Maybe that has to do with the crying... or just general depression. It happens, keep your chin up! X