Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 day fast

friday I have a weigh in
and I have to be under
135 or the trainer and
myself will be devistated

sucks cuz my lady days
are due to arrive in a day
or two... tomorrow? idk

fuck, im stressed and depressed.
i have to alter the fast a bit due to
health reasons. less then 100 cals
per day tho, and then the day of
my weigh in I'll eat after I get weighed

so how is everyone?
school? weight loss?
anyone in the USA or Canada who wants to text for support?


Kes: thanks soo much for the support I've missed reading ur blog!
Run: your soo supportive thanks, and 133 hear I come, then 130, 120 shrink-a-dink
Piggy: thanks darling, ill try and keep you guys updated as much as possible!

some thinspo dedicated to you 3

we will win!

this is our time now

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I've found it really interesting. I was reading the Mary-Kate Challenge and it actually sounded kind of fun to do! Although I don't necessarily like her for animal cruelty reasons, I have always saw her as a motivational figure. =)