Tuesday, September 27, 2011


my fast starts today
hehe yay! screw my
rents trying to feed
me! I'll avoid them,
no worries. Sooo

yesterday wasnt so nice
I ended up binging, purged
a little, but im sick so that
hurt my throat alot! and then
I worked out to burn off 150
cals... i felt like such a failure

but thats what today is for
control, less food, more thinspo
more skinny! 130 by friday remeber
since i binged yesterday I'll update
my weight tomorrow. Going to the
gym tonight fer sure <3 so excited

so tuesday-friday i wont
eat. I will be thin! Hope
your all doing great.
Still sick... ugh
idk why

Stay Positive!


Pre Essere Slanciata: I love cinnamon! really good to make cereal er oat meal taste even better! Starting a 4 day fast :] hehe this should be fun!

I'm hungry for small thighs
I'm hungry fro a flat tummy
I'm hungry for colar bones, cheek bones the works



  1. I sort of binged this morning.. =/ I need to start going to the gym. I have an elliptical here at home, but a treadmill burns more calories.

    My fast starts tomorrow. =) When I fast I like to take a lax the day before, so it's like a Major detox. ^_^ By the end of my fast there will be no food what so ever left in my body. =)

    Good luck on your 3 day fast! I never have the guts or control to go that long.