Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fast day 1

so far, 4 tea's
and water to the max
had some cough syrup
but thats just cuz im sick
and alot of pills...

anyways I will update you all b4 I go to bed
but I'll be leaving soon to babysit. & feel a
bit better today... still depressed... lots of
tears. Got to see the boyfriend today... it
was... great, until he asked me the question
'what did you eat today' n I told him and he
got mad, and I cryed and then I... idk it was
hard. I tryed explaining that I can't look at
myself and I'm repulsed with what I am n
that I'll forever be a failure.

and then he reassured me that
i'm the best and prettiest and
I can do anything. course I
won't let myself believe that ha

anyways, I love control :]
but saturday is going to suck
due to the fact that its my friends
birthday and a month ago I promised
her we would go get sushi... so thats
gonna set me back, but I'll fix that
when it comes time to. I'm just
focused on finishing the day

Per Essere Slanciata: I love tea! <3 keeps me living haha
Piggy: I know exactly what you mean about the hormones, and depression really does suck. lol

thanks to both of you for your support!
& everyone else

The hunger n pain is worth the perfect body <3
small thighs
tight tummy
<3 I'm in!


  1. Sad to hear you're not feeling well! It always sucks to be sick, 'cause it totally affects your motivation. Thumbs up for doing a fast while you're sick! I'd never be able to do that. I just feel to low, normally.
    And about the boyfriend: I'm sure you know that he's just trying to help. He just doesn't get it.

    Oh well.
    Good luck with everything!
    Stay strong girl!

  2. I completely understand. You can control what you eat all day long, but when it comes to the boyfriend it's always out of control and chaotic.

    Oh I love vegetable rolls! I could eat those everyday. They do have rice in them, but everything else thats wrapped up in there are all safe foods. =)

    Good luck on your fast!