Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hey skinny kids!

Sorry I've been on and off lately
just, school just started and I feel
like I'm giong to have a mental
breakdown... applying for schools
soon. Art schools are competitive
so I need my marks at a low of
85. Anyways, Idk what I am atm
but by the 23rd I plan on being
133 or less. Wish me luck.

Today is my first day of a cleanse
Its difficult to explain, but its 5
days long. soo wish me luck!

I'm thinking some thinspo
would go good with this
post, anyways. I'll be going
to the gym later on, should
be nice :] after a major junk
food binge last night that I
hate myself for... ugh.

hope everyone doing well
i miss you guys!
please leave a comment below

The last pic is what I want as a body
small thighs, a perfect tummy...
oh one day!

128 by the 30th!
wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with the cleanse and getting to 133lbs.

  2. GOOD LUCK!! Keep us posted! Sending skinny thoughts your way!