Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zummmmmba! Day 4

My mom bought me Zumba fitness
the other day for wii soo I decided
to try it out, and in 20 mins I burned
200 cals! Soo fun! you guys should
deff chek it out sometime if you have
a wii and are board, ;]

Just took a shower!
& found a spider/web
in my room sooo i
did what i had to do
grabbed th hand
held vacum and sucked
it up, he tryed getting
away but that bugger
kept biting me in my
sleep! I have over 5
spider bites, including
one on my face! soo
not fun! anyways

thanks for all the comments on
my picture I posted. even tho
its only part of my face still made
me smile <3

I love you all!
& your all so beautiful!

stayed under 500, only 300 today
feeling sick soo ima take a break

the blonde chick is Kimberly caldwell
i think she is gorgeous and im
getting my hair cut kinda like
hers, not a fan of her music tho


  1. Zumba on the wii looks so much fun! I'm going to have to buy another fit board and buy it.

    Spider bites? Sounds amazing.

  2. you dont nee the board for it
    lol and it is soo much fun! <3

  3. Zumba really is lots of fun! And it's a great way to burn calories without even thinking about it! :)

    Congratulations on doing so well! And your right, she is gorgeous, even though her music kinda sucks.

    Stay strong girl!
    - Bella <3