Friday, August 5, 2011

If I fainted would you know? Day 5

kay I cant help it, 132ish today
its a step up from yesterday but
i only had 300 yesterday and i
feel like im going to pass out...

keep getting dizzy everytime
i try walking around, and i
was supposed to go to the
gym today! Grand opening
ughhh, but i have to bike 30
mins there/30 mins back...

and i know i would
push myself till i did
faint its happened b4

so im kinda depressed but happy
happy cuz of my weight... kinda
depressed cuz... stuff is going on

I'll update you all later!
goal for my cals today
is under 300!

<3 love you all

UPDATE: ...went to 450 today, -200 so far, then another 200 to make me feel better soon. feel like such a failure...

in a world of black and white
who is to see what is reall
and what is just an illusion


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