Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chat room?!?!

Just created a pro ana/mia chat room!
enjoy ;]

I've had a rough day and feel really lonely
Hope everyone is doing great.
trying for under 500 cals
tomorrow... fun stuff

If you have ever wondered what I look like
here is a lil preview of my face.
Thoughts anyone?


  1. i think you're gorgeous!!! did you stay under 500? i'm going to try for that today...
    stay strong <3

  2. That little bit of your face is gorgeous! I'm sure the rest of your face is just as gorgeous too!

  3. Thanks you Two :]
    really truly sweet!
    & the day has just begun! hehe

  4. super cute! I love the way your hair lifts back, but in a non-farrah 70's way. When mine does that is always looks outdated. much love and skinnies!

  5. Awwweh Thanks darling
    gotta love using a straightener for curling hair hehe :]