Sunday, August 7, 2011

NOOO! lmfao :)

if you havent seen the new planet
of the apes you have to go see it
right now! Then you will understand
the title of this post.

soo im still not top of my game
needa burn off the rest of these
horrible cals... 800, again! like
ughhh. and im still in a rut... but

my bf actually cheered me up today
usually its impossible but i love that
boy. 2 years soon! hehe :)

were celebrating the 11th...
soo therefore no more mess
ups. and were going to the
beach on weds... soo here
is the game plan

for mon-weds
under 300cals
min 20mins exercise
NO carbs. (exception low cal fruit)

simple, easy. I've burned a lil over 300
cals today so far. Not too bad I guess
Dont wana wake at 5 for work... maybe
I'll exercise, right when I wake. haha fun

enjoy some thinspo now!

PS: dad made a bbq today...
mmm i want food!
but no she says...


  1. Gosh I haven't been to the cinema since Black Swan came out. I should go and see Harry Potter and all the other movies that look good...

    Good luck with your plan and have fun on the 11th! One of us has to. :P

  2. I just saw Friends with Benefits! You should see that :)