Monday, August 8, 2011

lakjsdfgafklgj <-- thats how I feel


Run: black swan was amazing! I love that movieee! and Harry potter was really good too

Thin or Not: I love that movie! I saw it at the iPics theater when I was in Arizona. Loveeeed it

soo back on track... my cals
today are around 300 so far
and thats all im eating, going
to work out later, burn off at
least 200 and then I'll do the
rest with a walk.

tired, 9 hrs of work
its draining. litteraly
Got maybe 2 hrs of
sleep last night..... I
hate insomia! ughhh

well I will update you with my
weight tomorrow... didnt get
the chance today sadely. need
to get out of the house soon!

hope everyone is doing well!
keep strong loves <3

skinny is the only option
unless you wana be tubs

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