Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life without love is blasphemy! Day 3

well I did just write a post
but for some strange reasong
it didnt get published... :[

w.e it was sad and depressing
gym opens tomoror but you
had to call to go, and I only
got the letter yesterday so im
not calling, im busy but I will
be going fri-mon for at least
1-2 hrs a day. Possibly 3 ;]

and i feel really alone
no ones really here for
me lately. Guess thats
my own fault for being
so damn boring. but i
love you guys so very
much! 7 more days till
I update you all on my
weight! hehe 130 and
under is the goal!

I am inlovee with those nails
please someone! anyone!
I'm stuck in a rut...

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