Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 2 :)

Well, today has gone pre well
But I'm still counting witch is
unnecasary, I just can't really
help it. Most people who do
this 'diet' have about 1000 cals

a day. But I'm not all that hungry
so I'm around 300 today possibly
going up to 500 tho. The food I
can eat is amazing! If you wana
know what the diet is I will hook
you up with websites and stuff

Work was really intense today tho
might do some light exercise. & by
the end of the 10 days I would like
to be 128 but if not 130. No more!

I'll be cleaning my room tonight
after my snack and movie... so
happy my family has stopped
questioning my eating habbits

n I'm not really consuming that much
witch is great! haha. I'm excited this
is going so well. yeah its only been 2
days but usually the first 3 are hard!
Not this time :] But I am very tired.

How is everyone???
I miss you guys!

I need to be skinny
I need to be fit
I need to be perfect

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