Monday, August 8, 2011

Hey Mia? F*** YOU!

its all her fault this happened,
cuz since I've used mia for
almost 6 years I'm used to
binge till you need to purge
feeling and I was doing so
well! Didnt binge or purge
since the 20th until today

and I ate like you wouldn't beleive
I had to purge, even if there is a tear
in my throat, even if it hurt I cried
even if i didnt get it all out... still had
to do it. Am I really destine for failure?

I wana be perfect.
No weight update.
Not till the 10th.

starting a green tea cleanse
im allowed celery.

hope ur all doing okay
srry if this upset you
:[ im sorry

wish me luck?
next time you see mia tell her ana's better.

1 comment:

  1. stupid mia. you can get back on track! ana still loves you :-)